Over the past year, I’ve taken part in a dozen interviews, both as the subject and the interviewer. Here are some highlights:

Speak Up Talk Radio Podcast | The Open Mic: A Few Words With “Wasted” Author John Byrne Barry | BAIPA: Shari Weiss Interviews John Byrne Barry | Wasted: A novel set in Berkeley’s recycling world 

Joan Steidinger | David Kudler | Marianne Lonsdale | Gael Chandler | Tim Jollymore | Doug Greene

The Speak Up Talk Radio Podcast: Jspeakupradioohn Byrne Barry Speaks Up About His Books

Pat Rullo is an author and national radio talk show host, who produces a radio talk show based on her book – Speak Up and Stay Alive, the patient advocate hospital survival guide. Before the end of its first anniversary, the radio program became a broadcast success through Salem Media Group, stations across the United States, as well as iHeart Radio and over 5,000 stations via XDS Cumulus Satellite.

She interviewed me on September 27, 2016 from her home in Ohio.


ehisonThe Open Mic: A Few Words With ‘Wasted’ Author John Byrne Barry

Rich Ehison is a Sacramento-based journalist and filmmaker who has covered politics, immigration, health care reform, business, sports and the arts. He publishes interviews on his blog with authors, musicians, filmmakers, and more.

Here’s an excerpt:

left-quote-boxright-quote-boxI was recently on an author tour at the University of Detroit Mercy where my brother is a teacher. “Since I’m surrounded by English professors,” I said, “the first thing I want to say is, this is not literature. This is entertainment and if it has any literary merit, it’s a fortuitous accident.’ But that’s only partly true because I am aiming for that sweet spot between literary fiction and trashy beach reading where the story has a lot of plot and interesting characters, but it’s not the kind of thing you’re going to study in literature class.



BAIPA: Shari Weiss Interviews John Byrne Barry

In December 2015, Shari Weiss, board member of Bay Area Independent Publishers Association (BAIPA), interviewed me in advance of my receiving the BAIPA Best Book 2015 Award.

Here’s an excerpt:

right-quote-boxleft-quote-boxWriting sex scenes is risky. But I include them because sex unleashes intense emotions and vulnerabilities, and reveals character in ways no other activity does. In the months after Bones was published, I received a lot of heartening feedback. It wasn’t all positive. One friend said some of the sex scenes, “read like a cheap grocery store romance, and take away from the book—which I loved.”

One huge upside of self-publishing is that I can upload a new version when I want to make changes. So I reworked the sex scenes. Didn’t take them out as much as shortened them, left more to the imagination, focused more on feelings and less on body parts.



Wasted: A novel set in Berkeley’s recycling world

Frances Dinkelspiel, editor and co-founder of Berkeleyside, a independently owned local news site, is author of Tangled Vines: Greed, Murder, Obsession and an Arsonist in the Vineyards of California. She squeezed in a Q & A with me while we were both in the midst of our book tours.

Here’s an excerpt:

right-quote-boxMaybe it’s just me, but garbage and recycling are fascinating. Consider how much you can learn from what someone throws away, recycles, or composts. It’s a window into how we live. And of course, garbage and recycling are wonderful metaphors for all sorts of things.

In addition, the recycling movement has followed an interesting trajectory — there’s a point in popular movements when purists jump ship, corporate forces glom on to the cause and what was once clear becomes confusing and murky.




Interview with CWC-Marin President and sports psychologist Joan Steidinger


Interview with BAIPA Vice President David Kudler about his young adult novel Risuko.


Interview with short story writer and essayist Marianne Lonsdale about her writing community.


Interview with Gael Chandler about her book Chronicles of Old San Francisco.


Interview with novelist Tim Jollymore about his third novel, The Advent of Elizabeth.


Video interview with Doug Greene, author of From Grief to Grace