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Bones in the Wash: Politics is Tough. Family is Tougher.


Winner, Best Book 2015 — Bay Area Independent Publishers Association (BAIPA)

In Bones in the Wash: Politics is Tough, Family is Tougher, the 2008 presidential election all comes down to New Mexico. Albuquerque Mayor Tomas Zamara knows politics is like playing football on a muddy field—if you don't get dirty, you're not giving your all.

Mayor Zamara, charged with delivering New Mexico’s five electoral votes for John McCain, is directed to shut down voter registration drives and accuse the Democrats of stealing the election. He's also grappling with a fierce opponent, a demanding and volatile new woman, and his father’s unrelenting pressure to use city money to rescue the family business. Then, when a flash flood unearths the skeleton of his long-missing wife, investigators zero in on Zamara as a suspect.

[The price of a cup of coffee, but even more stimulating.]

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